AGUA CLARA (Valle del Cauca), COL

CLEAR WATER (Valle del Cauca), COL


The Vereda Agua Clara is located in Buenaventura, which is 2 hours and a half from Cali . From Buenaventura to Aguaclara there is 1:30 min by car, you can arrive by private car or in some jeeps that leave next to the Exito de Buenaventura at 6 am, 12 pm and 4 pm. Here is one of the most crystalline rivers in Colombia that is the Agua Clara and which is the greatest tourist attraction of this destination.



They offer a furnished house where you can stay from $40,000 COP on a weekend. The house has accommodation in multiple rooms and shared bathrooms. They have a restaurant option or you can take your things and cook.



They have many tours but the ones I recommend the most are:

✸THE FUNNEL ($25,000 COP per person)

The tour lasts approx 2 hours . The route is past the clear water bridge. (All the way is by river).


 Walking from the hostel is approximately 15 minutes .

✸HILO DE ORO WATERFALL ($15,000 COP x person)

The tour lasts approx 40 minutes . The route is past the clear water bridge. (The entire tour is walking).


• Upon reaching the village of Aguaclara, the community collects an environmental tax of $6,000 per person whose purpose is the conservation of the reserve. (it is unrelated to the lodging charge)

• It is a humid area and where it rains a lot, so wear quick-drying clothes, and a microfiber towel from

• Wear comfortable walking shoes that can get wet.

• Bring repellent and sunscreen.

• It is still a very rural area so don't expect many luxuries but a lot of nature and disconnection.

🌿A destination that is still very unexplored and rarely visited, this perfect place for lovers of rivers and nature is quite an adventure.

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