About me

Hellooo! I am Cami, creator of GETAWAYS, a highly sensitive woman who is passionate about design and travel. In this space created with a lot of love, I share the information that I as a traveler would like to receive so that it can be useful for your next getaways :)

All my recommendations are from my experience, I share tips, guides and useful advice in each destination. All the places that you see here is because I have visited them and I have made sure that they are suitable to share with you.

In my store I offer you practical and useful travel products inspired by nature and travel, designed to make your getaways more comfortable and will allow you to travel with great style, bringing your personality to the products you use.

I hope my getaways help you and inspire you to travel the world!

Do you want me to visit your hotel, lodging or experience? Write me!