This island is one of the most biodiverse destinations I know, it is a National Natural Park located in the Colombian Pacific, the island receives its name Gorgona from a Greek goddess who had snakes instead of hair since several species of snakes inhabit this place and not just snakes, there is life here everywhere you look.

Previously it was a maximum security penitentiary of which today only the ruins that blend with nature remain. It is also one of the best places in the world for diving and has different types of activities and tours that I will tell you about below.

Gorgona Island Colombia


There are 3 ways to get to Gorgona Island:

  1. The first is to take a boat from Guapi , which is a municipality in Cauca, this journey lasts about an hour and a half, passing through the Guapi river and then the open sea. Guapi has an airport and you can arrive from Cali or by land also from Cali or Popayán. Here you must pay a shipping tax in Guapi $5,000 COP.
  2. You can also arrive by boat from Buenaventura , which is located in Valle del Cauca, and take a boat to Gorgona. This boat has a value of $245.0000 COP round trip.
  3. And another way is to get from a ship that leaves the port of Buenaventura to the island. A tour of approximately 12 hours and the price is approximately $150,000 COP.


The island as such does not have different lodging options, it only has a few simple cabins , for couples or groups, and a restaurant for all visitors. There are no shops, no wifi or internet connection, it is truly a destination to disconnect.

* You can also sleep in nearby places like Ladrilleros near Buenaventura, but you must pay for transportation to the island.


Gorgona has different activities to do such as:

  • DIVING: it is one of the best destinations for diving in Colombia after Malpelo, here you can dive for the first time or if you are already certified you can also pay for immersions, if you go during the whale season (July to Nov) you will surely be able to listen to their songs while you go diving
  • PLAYA PALMERAS: a beautiful beach that you can enjoy, to get there you must take a walking tour through the interior of the island and it is located in front of Gorgonilla, another island that is part of this park.
  • OLD PENALTY: a brutal and highly recommended tour of the ruins of the prison that today blend with nature. On this guided tour you will visit various parts of the prison and they will tell you stories about what happened there.
  • PLAYA YUNDIGÜA: on this beach you can do snorkeling so don't forget your mask. It can also be reached by taking a walking tour.
  • WHALE WATCHING: if you go from July to October, you can do humpback whale watching, this is one of the destinations that I highly recommend for this and

*All these tours are guided by park staff.


  •  To enter the island an entrance fee must be paid:
    • Nationals under 25 years of age: $15,000 COP
    • Nationals older than 25 years: $25,500 COP
    • Foreigners: $61,500 COP

* Children under 5 years of age and adults over 65 years of age do not pay anything. These values ​​you must pay if you do not go with any tour and in cash.

Here is an example of a quote with Destino Pacífico for 2023:

Gorgon Whale Plan 🐋
3 nights
•Transfer Guapi Airport– Dock-Guapi Airport
•Boat Guapi-Gorgona-Guapi.
•3 lodging nights with 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners.
•Medical assistance card x 4 days.
•1 Whale encounter outing
• Transfer by boat Playa Palmeras
• Walk to Yundigua beach
• Old criminal tour
•Boots for the tours.

Simple $1,865,000
Double $1,605,000
Multiple $1,550,000


    • The Pacific is very humid, so I suggest you bring quick-drying clothes, cool, comfortable clothes, and microfiber towels like these
    • I recommend you always do the tours with a guide, it is normal to have encounters with snakes and for safety it is best to go with someone who has knowledge about these animals.
    • Disconnect and enjoy this paradise, it really is an incredible place ideal for all travelers who love biodiversity.

    If you want more information or make a reservation, I leave you these contacts:

    Official agency of the island: https://www.instagram.com/destinopacifico/

    Web: https://islagorgona.co/

    You can also book this trip with Viajes Comfama

    If you want to find more guides to other getaways in Colombia and the world, visit our website here

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