MUTATÁ (Antioquia) COL

Mutatá or Río de Piedra in Embera, is located in Urabá Antioqueño, 5 hours from Medellín, is a municipality with great water wealth, 12 rivers cross it and a destination that today bets on community ecotourism.

A destination with emerald green rivers and waterfalls for nature lovers, this place was hidden for a long time due to violence but today they see tourism as an opportunity to reinvent themselves.

Mutata Antioquia Uraba Photo by Chino Romero


You can arrive by public transport from the Terminal del Norte in Medellín, the price per trip is approximately $60,000 COP.

Or by private transport, this destination is located along the road to the sea towards Necoclí and the road is in good condition.

Bedó Mutatá River Caverns

Photo by Rosemary Chinese


I was on a 3-day getaway and these are the places I visited:

💧Río Bedó Caverns: (from $45,000 COP) is very close to the road, it does not require much walking.

💧 Puentiadero: this river is the most visited in this destination since it is very close to the urban area, it does not require a guide to visit it.

💧 The Salto del Tigre: (from $70,000 COP) requires a walk of approximately 1 hour and a half in the middle of nature.

💧 Chontadural: (from $70,000 COP) requires a walk of approximately 1 hour and a half in the middle of nature.

🍃 Jaikerazabi Indigenous Reservation: you can visit this reservation at no cost and it is located along the entire main road before reaching Mutatá if you come from Medellín.

Mutata Antioquia

You can get to know these places from the hand of a local guide, I share the contact of the one who was my guide:


Nohemy Galeano

Cell: 3163622988


Everyone is invited to get to know this place, enjoy its attractions and learn about the country's history through tourism. If you are a lover of rivers and waterfalls, you will love it. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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Hola, recomendaciones de hospedaje por fa. Gracias


Hola! qué ropa recomiendas llevar a este plan?


Hola, que recomendaciones tienes de hospedaje en Mutatá?


Conocer un buen río de mutata el día 5 de septiembre desde el parque de mutata


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