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The Colombian Pacific is for me, one of the most beautiful places in the country, too exotic landscapes, biodiversity, friendly people, Afro, indigenous, the tide, the whales and all the magic that their destinations hide. Nuquí is part of one of those destinations, a place suitable to visit at any time of the year and not only in whale season.


The fastest and easiest way to get there is to take a direct flight from Medellín with @gruposangermanexpress , whatever your city of origin, this is really the most comfortable and direct way. 

This flight lasts 30 minutes passing through beautiful landscapes until finally reaching where the jungle meets the sea in the Pacific.


 Low season: From $299,900 COP

 High season: From $450,000 COP


The best-known and most visited hotel areas are not exactly in Nuquí, they are in the nearby corregimientos such as Arusí, Guachalito, Jovi, Termales, etc. and for these places you must travel by boat so that you take them into account in terms of budget and time.


nuqui collided

This hotel is located between 5-10 minutes walking from Arusí, 45 minutes by boat from the Nuqui airport and 45 minutes walking from Termales. To get there you must take a boat from Nuquí to Arusí (approx. 45 min), tell the boatman to drop you off in Madreagua, this boat is taken from the port that is very close to the airport, you just have to ask any local and they will indicate where it is. It has a cost of 45,000 COP per person and leaves every day at 1:00 p.m. from Nuquí to Arusí and from Arusí to Nuquí every day at 6:30 a.m. 

Madreagua is a hotel with socially and environmentally sustainable practices. Biodegradable cleaning products, construction with native techniques and materials, organic garden and much more. They have a privileged location in front of the sea with kilometers of almost virgin beach in front. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, decks and chairs on the beach for sunbathing, meditating or doing yoga. 


They have 2 types of accommodation: 

*All rates are with food included.

🛖 RAMADAS: Double cabins with private bathroom.

Low season: From $360,000 COP 

High season: From $390,000 COP

🛖 DRUM: Triple cabins with shared bathroom.

Low season: From $310,000 COP 

High season: From $340,000 COP

The food is delicious, Chocoana gastronomy prepared by local women and is mainly based on fish from responsible artisanal fishing.


Trekking Playa Amargal, a journey through the jungle and the sea. $95,000 COP 

Cabo Corrientes, the closest point to the Humboldt currents $150,000 COP 

Viche tour in red light bulb in Nuquí $15,000 COP 

Visit Cabo Corrientes, the closest point to the Humboldt currents. $150,000 COP 

Canoe tour on the Arusí River  $75,000 COP 

Hot Springs $15,000 COP 

Whale watching in the season from July to October $150,000 COP 

Release of turtles $20,000 COP 

Bath with medicinal plants

Weaving classes from $120,000 COP 


Viche tour in red light bulb in Nuquí



When you arrive in Nuquí you must pay a tourist tax of $30,000 COP per person.

This is one of the areas where it rains the most in the country, so bring quick-drying clothing, a waterproof jacket, and microfiber towels.

I recommend you stay at least 4 nights so that you can get to know and enjoy the destination.

💖If you have the opportunity to come to the Pacific for real, do it! It is always and will be a pleasure to return.

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