Skydiving, Flanders

ESCAPE# 86✈️⁣

Flanders (Tolima) - COL 🇨🇴⁣

Xielo Skydiving Fandes


$562,000 COP Tandem Jump ⁣

*Includes photos and videos with handycam. ⁣

🤩One of the best experiences in life, crazy and a moment that I will never forget. Feeling freedom, the air, seeing the world and feeling life at 240 km/h jumping from a plane at 10,000 feet above sea level was what I experienced at @xieloskydive, one of the best skydiving @xieloskydive in the country. 🪂⁣

The jump I did is called Tandem, which is when you jump with an instructor, it's 40 seconds of free fall and 7 minutes with the parachute approx. 🤯 This includes photos and videos with a camera that the instructor carries in his hand, but my video was made with an external camera that is when someone else jumps and records you in the distance, that camera has an additional value of $250,000 COP. 🎥⁣

✨This is a really very safe sport, they have 2 parachutes in case of such an emergency and they are very well trained. In the jump you DO NOT feel EMPTY 😱 since the speed generates an air cushion that prevents the feeling of emptiness. The minimum age to jump is 12 years old (they must carry a permit) and the maximum weight is 120 kg. ⁣


Flandes is 6 hours from Medellín and 2 hours from Bogotá🚗, the road has incredible landscapes and it is incredibly hot, so my first recommendation is cool clothes. 🔅⁣

The jump doesn't really last long, but in XIELO ✈️ you can patch up watching other skydivers land, there is ping pong, a swimming pool, a restaurant and it's a super patchy place where you can really see the passion for this sport and hear stories about it. It also has a free camping area. ⛺️ Nearby you can also find hotels. ⁣

Ana Xielo

•Reserve your jump in advance, do not go without reserving that you can stay without jumping. ⁣
•Bring sunscreen. ⁣
•Bring cool clothes. ⁣
• Lots of repellent. ⁣
•For the jump, wear jeans or a sweatshirt, no shorts so you don't scratch yourself when you land. ⁣
• Arrive early at the time of your jump. ⁣

Who else has this as a dream to fulfill? 🤩🤩✨⁣

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Buen día mi esposo y yo estamos muy interesados en cumplir esta sueño

Erika Alejandra Bolivar Espinel

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