The Puracé National Natural Park is located 1:30 a.m. from Papayán and 4:40 a.m. from Cali, it has 92,000 hectares and is located in the departments of Cauca and Huila. Some of the country's main rivers, such as the They are the Magdalena River, Cauca River and Caquetá River. In this park is the volcanic chain of Coconucos with 12 volcanoes.

PNN Puracé Cauca

San Juan Hot Springs, PNN Puracé


  • You can get there from Cali, it takes 4:30 h, you go south on the road to Popayán, there is a toll of $10,000 COP approx. The roadtrip I did from Cali and what I recommend is:

Arrive in Popayán, and tour the historic center, from there go to eat at the Mora Castilla restaurant empanadas and pipián tamales and salpicón payanes. Then go to the Isnos road to the Calaguala Waterfall , this journey is 1 hour from Popayán, this is a super cute waterfall located along the entire road that is worth going to see, from there return and go down the same road to the Agua Tibia hot springs in Coconuco, a super nice place where you can enjoy different hot springs, in these if you can get into unlike the hot springs that are inside the park, inside there is a restaurant, bathrooms and other spaces. The price is $45,000 COP per person. That night sleep in Coconuco or you can also go to Puracé and sleep there. The next day, get up early to the entrance to the PNN Puracé that is in the Cabildo Puracé, take the route of the messenger of the sun that ends at approximately 4 pm and from there return to Cali again.

  • From Popayán it takes 1:30 h by road Popayán - La Plata until the entrance to the PNN Puracé which is in the Cabildo Puracé. There are no tolls on this route.

ROUTE: Messenger of the Sun
The Stone of the Condor
San Juan Hot Springs
Tapir drinker
Bedon Waterfall
Andulbio Lagoon
Valley of the Frailejones

$20,000 COP per week per person
$40,000 COP weekends per person
Group guide: $40,000 COP
Lunch: $16,000 COP, there is a restaurant inside the park.

GUIDE: Fernando Cell: (312) 290-3334

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Height: 3,400 masl 

Coconuco Warm Water Hot SpringsCalaguala Coconuco Waterfall


•Bring winter clothes.
•Get up early so you can make the tour calmly.
•Return the trash with you.
•Follow the marked trails.
•You can watch the condor of the Andes, which is an endangered animal.
•This route will be closed from August 21 for a month and a half to preserve the park.
• A large part of the tour is done by car, you can do it in your car or hire transportation.

🚫 Forbidden to get into the hot springs.
🚫 The entry of pets is prohibited.

Bedón Puracé Waterfall

Bedón Waterfall, PNN Puracé

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