City of Santa Marta, Colombia

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Santa Marta - COL 🇨🇴⁣⁣⁣
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Santa Marta, a sacred city, one of the oldest in Colombia and with a LOT to discover, this is only a small part of what I was able to see on this trip. Santa Marta has the Tayrona, El Rodadero, Ciudad Perdida, Sierra Nevada and much more to discover. 🔅In this post I will tell you about lodging near the airport and what to do and see in the historic center. 📍⁣

If you are looking for a family hotel, to rest with your partner, children or family near the airport, I recommend you stay at the Irotama, one of the best hotels there🏨, you can book it with @dondevivir, it is a resort with a private @dondevivir , restaurants with a variety of prices and many attractions. It is only 10 min from the airport. ✈️ ⁣

If you want to know the historic center, I recommend these places:⁣

•Where mutt⁣

• The couple's park ⁣
•Cathedral of Santa Marta⁣

If you want to go to Tayrona or Palomino, you can go to the Santa Marta public market near the historic center and there take a bus, to the Tayrona park it costs about $7,000 ⁣

In the next post I will tell you more about this trip.✌🏻✨🔅🤗⁣

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